Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Moved again!!!

Hi all, ive moved again,catch me here....i thankyou.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Moving Blogs

Hi readers,i have moved my blog to here..

please feel free to pop over and take a look!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

A mixed bag!

Logged on too late for the $4 mtt on Laddies so i had a stab at the $1 turbo mtt,i fucking hated it!! Wont do that again,its shove or dump with the 3 minute blinds obviously,on a 10 seater with players in a dream the blinds were increasing every orbit!! Out of 250ish people i busted in 130ish,no cards etc blah,blah!!!! So it was on to the $20stt, i finished in the top 5 for $40 which was a result,no dramas at all,just play tight early doors & give it the beans as the blinds kick in,i think i only played 3 hands before the bubble,nice & easy does it (as the Stranglers once sung!)
So after looking around i plumped for a $5 stt deep stack job! 4000 chips to start on a stt is different for me,i kept raising as if i had started with the normal 1500,then seeing people re raise all the time!! Never mind 4 or 5 times the BB raises,players raised more as they had more!! O well,after shedding a few chips when i should not have i finished in 2nd for $15 which i cant grumble at.My BR stands at $416 which is double what i started at,pissing about trying to learn the cash tables nearly screwed me (no more of that!) but 2 final table cashes in 4 days in the $2k gtd freerolls have built me up. Nothing risky till the new year then maybe concentrate on mtt,s (if i can find any on Laddies that is!!) gl all ...laterz

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

120th? lol!

I found a little mtt to have a bash on this evening,$4 +40cents, 4000 starting chips & 15 min blinds,269 of us sat down for some action!! On hand 6 i get KK,i raise a fair bit & get to see the flop with 1 other,it comes A74 rainbow!! i decide to bet the pot and get re raised all in! time for a big lay down,i fucking hate having KK,i never win with them and always see a poxy A on the flop!! That was the only real drama early doors,no need to go mental with so many chips & small blinds.A little pot here & there and i advance to 6k,then lose a fair bit when yet again my KK gets rivered to give shorty a set of 6's! So 1st break & i'm on 3k (below average & only 131st)
Not many cards come my way so i shove AI like a donk with 66 & get called by AJ that fails to improve,now i'm up to 83rd of 125.
Then just as i'm getting some rhythm its all over!! I limp with A8,flop gives me A86,i slip a big bet in and for some reason get a re raise!! o well,i guess he's got squat as he also limped so i call,the turn is a 2,so again i bet a load,matey goes AI but has me covered,i call & he shows A10 the mug!! You can guess the river!! gg me.....!!
Thats the way it goes!! Shame,i reckon i could have gone on to cash,but theres allways tomorrow! No harm done,i start up a $5 stt & cash for a massive 10 bucks,so i paid for the mtt!!!! gl all ...laterz

Monday, 3 December 2007

Oooops i did it again!!!!

After thursday nights heroics i decided to have a bash saturday night,and fooook me i made the ft again!! take a look at my last hand...

** Game ID 881983340 starting - 2007-12-02 02:21:55** $2000 Player Point Freeroll[1559616]:Table 25 [Multi Table Hold 'em] (30000.0060000.00 No Limit - MTT) Real Money
- smoothplz sitting in seat 2 with $119279.40-
pradaz sitting in seat 3 with $356341.44 [Dealer]-
mrscott2 sitting in seat 6 with $769379.16
mrscott2 posted the small blind - $15000.00
smoothplz posted the big blind - $30000.00
** Dealing card to smoothplz: 4 of Clubs, Ace of Hearts
pradaz called - $30000.00
mrscott2 raised - $105000.00
smoothplz went all-in - $119279.40
pradaz folded
mrscott2 called - $149279.40
mrscott2 shows: 10 of Spades, 10 of Hearts
** Dealing the flop: 6 of Spades, Jack of Diamonds, 7 of Clubs
** Dealing the turn: King of Hearts
** Dealing the river: 7 of Heartsmrscott2 wins $328558.80 from the main pot
End of game 881983340

Maybe a wrong play but any A i figured was ahead & worth the risk! i cashed for $166 which i reckon was a right result...2 top 4 finishes in 3 days (this time against 645 other players is fucking fantastic for me) its only my 3rd 2k gtd freeroll on Laddies so im well pleased!!! What pleased me was the discipline i had to show,in the first 20 mins people were going mental,multiple all ins with A4 v J7 v 98 made me laugh,i kept out of the way and hammered any time i suspected i was ahead,this gave me plenty of power later on and the occassional pot size bet etc easily took down loads of good size pots.i hit the ft in 6th which was not the time to get a poor run of cards but hung on for my best & biggest cash so far,if only Laddies had a few more half decent Mtts that actually attracted some decent numbers id do ok i think,my BR has now doubled so maybe i should lump it all on Stars again!!!! gl all...laterz. Oh,if you read this Amatay,the other good result was The Glorious Blues stuffing some East London Donkeys!!! lol!
gl all ...laterz

Friday, 30 November 2007

An ok friday!

Bit tired tonight so only 4 stt's,all 10 seaters & top 5 gets double buy in etc. So 3 x $10 & 1 x $5,i won 3 & lost 1 $10 game for a total profit after buy ins of...... wait for it.......$11.50!! Better than being down & it does push my weeks challenge above the $100 level so wp me!! gl all...laterz

661 runners & i was 4th!!!!!

** Game ID 880568941 starting - 2007-11-30 02:03:13** $2000 Player Point Freeroll[1549243]:Table 9 [Multi Table Hold 'em] (16000.0032000.00 No Limit - MTT) Real Money
- raceking sitting in seat 1 with $414932.68-
Megakulema sitting in seat 4 with $356927.45-
therock83 sitting in seat 8 with $336898.19 [Dealer]-
smoothplz sitting in seat 10 with $189241.68
smoothplz posted the small blind - $8000.00
raceking posted the big blind - $16000.00
** Dealing card to smoothplz: Jack of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds
Megakulema folded
therock83 raised - $64000.00
smoothplz went all-in - $189241.68
raceking folded
therock83 called - $197241.68
therock83 shows: Ace of Diamonds, 10 of Diamonds
** Dealing the flop: King of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs, Ace of Spades
** Dealing the turn: 6 of Clubs
** Dealing the river: 6 of Hearts
therock83 wins $410483.36 from the main pot
End of game 880568941

That was my exit hand from last nights laddies $2k gtd freeroll!! Am i chuffed or what!! But a little gutted to have lost that one,double up there & i could have gone on to 1st or 2nd!!
The prize for 4th was $124.40 which was good but more importantly ive proved i can go deep in a huge field of like minded donkeys!! Loads of important hands went my way for a change,i even got AK to hold up against small pairs etc and had the sense to fold at least 4 sets to better hands.What with a small $5 6 seater win earlier and my $100 challenge for the week is back on track.... im as chuffed as fukc!!!!! gl all ...laterz
EDIT. off work today to look after my poorly daughter,laddies realy empty so i played $5 stt (lost when my 10,s got called by 77 only to river a 7!!) then a $2 stt lost when AI with AK,called by A9 that flops a 9!!) then played a $20 stt that i cashed for $40(thank god!!) to show a profit of $11,(every little helps!)please remind me not to play micro stt's....fucking donkeys the lot of them!!!